Red Bull Music Academy Bass Camp

"The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-travelling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who make a difference in today's musical landscape."

Red Bull is a versatile brand. It's not just drinks, racing and sports, but also music. If anything, this makes Red Bull a special brand. Where other companies are all about the product. Red Bull doesn't even mention theirs when entering Why? It seems like Red Bull wants to do more than just sell a drink. And it's probably a very clever marketing philosophy as well. They are serious, though. The Red Bull Music Academy has been going on for almost a decade. And to celebrate the newest edition, there will be a RBMA Bass Camp, in Amsterdam. 12 music maker have been selected to collaborate and perform at different venues in the city. As one of the participants I'm eager to experience this 3-day musical adventure. To see for yourself: join us for the movie night and concert at Melkweg on Thursday (26th) and the club night on friday (27th)