Kim Spierenburg is an artist, filmmaker and artistic researcher. She is most interested in experience. This was already the case when she specialized in reaching audiences who are not necessarily interested in the subject at first as a professional violinist and cultural entrepreneur. She draws them in with her story. Allowing them to connect with it personally. In her Ted Talk “Vibrations that ease pain and fuel imagination”, she explains how music has always been her biggest inspiration.

From an early age, Kim also developed in the visual domain. She found the convergence of her visual and musical vision in live-electronics. As a disabled artist, she gravitates towards being a technology solutionist. In her life and artistic practice, she relies on technology to do the heavy lifting she cannot physically endure. She sees technology as a solution to create the experience she wants. For her it presents her with a tool to give her imagination reality, reach beyond her disability, and share her world with people.

Kim is interested in what moves people and how their behaviour is influenced. Her work has many links to psychology. She documents the insights she gains as an artistic researcher. Kim is associated with the Visual Methodologies Collective in Amsterdam and holds a BA in Classical Violin and MA in Live-Electronics from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.