Kim Spierenburg’s Dreams Become Reality

Kim Spierenburg’s Dreams Become Reality

We know she can play. We know she speaks well. Now we know she can sing too! Kim Spierenburg, rising star with her violin and known for her positivism and perseverance while living with a crippling disease. In 10 minutes she inspires everybody with her dreams, and makes one (or possibly two) of her own dreams come to life.

As long as I can remember I have been energetic and full of plans and dreams. Playing the violin was my biggest dream.” These were her first words at TEDx Amsterdam and Kim Spierenburg has made that dream come true. Now she is playing for large stadiums, and speaking at TEDx. And she managed to do this while she still needs to drive up to the stage in a wheelchair. Pain, throughout her joints is still a big part of her life. But playing the violin, and feeling its tremors go through her, eases it. As she puts it: “The playing awakens something in me and gives me strength that makes me want to start the day and be active. The violin keeps me positive.”

It is this positivity that she wants to project on us, and a drive to dream big and pursue those dreams. And seeing the complete silence during her talk, that message did get some people thinking. She asked the audience to take a moment to think about one of their wildest dreams. “Perhaps it’s time that this dream starts becoming a reality? I dare you to get it started!

Music to empower the message

Especially from her, music says it all just as well, if not better. With that in mind it only makes sense for her to, after 6 minutes of inspiring talk, take up her violin. Enough talking!

As Kim talks about her dreams, she focuses on not just dreaming, but on making those dreams happen. So what better way to enforce one’s story than by making a dream come true? Her personal dream: evolving her music. Finding something new and exciting to work with. She is already looking past just the violin, She wants to sing as well. And now at TEDx she did do it! for the first time on stage.

Well, she gave me goosebumps. And I can only say: see if it has the same effect on you.

Her story goes deeper, and Kim has a lot of ideas. you could find some of that in her Interviewwith TEDx Amsterdam. But most of that you will have to figure out for yourself. Kim just showed you how!