TEDx Amsterdam 2014 Top 5 Talks


No.3 Kim Spierenburg – Vibrations that ease pain and fuel imagination

An amazing violinist, Kim captivated us all from the first moment. I sat at the back of the auditorium but could see the spark in her eyes, and hear the absolute certainty in her descriptions of wanting to play the violin – despite the pain of lupus disease. Her playing was achingly beautiful, and her guts to ask for a connection with Duncan Stutterheim (see below)… all greatly inspiring!

Pitch Assessment
Oozing joy at what she does, Kim took the stage and despite staying rooted to one place, filled the stage with her utter enthusiasm. She gives us enough time to absorb each piece of the information by taking a moment between each piece, and smiles a lot: not fake because the humour she shares are things that genuinely make her happy. One small step forward – a little more vocal variation. It can sound a bit monotone at certain periods.